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Promoting Fish-Ag Partnerships: Knaggs Ranch Nigiri Project

Photo by: Carson Jeffres

The Knaggs Ranch Nigiri Project is a partnership between landowners, government agencies, conservation groups and university researchers all dedicated to supporting struggling salmon populations in California by finding solutions that work for both agriculture and wildlife. In 2015, the project expanded to multiple sites throughout the Central Valley, giving juvenile salmon access to floodplains during the critical growth period before they journey to the ocean to grow into adulthood.


In the Yolo Bypass near Sacramento, researchers and conservation advocates partnered with farmers to test whether agricultural fields can provide critical habitat for endangered salmon. Working on behalf of California Trout, Public Good PR told the story of this multi-year experiment. Known as The Nigiri Project, this experiment shed light on the types of projects that will ensure efficient use of water in California’s flood-prone Central Valley. Coverage of the Knaggs Ranch Nigiri Project has included front page stories in The Sacramento Bee and the San Francisco Chronicle as well as national print coverage and regional television and radio coverage.