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Raising Visibility for an International Vision Care Organization

Photo: Joe Raffanti

Raising Visibility for an International Vision Care Organization

An estimated 36 million people in the world are blind, most of them in developing countries, and an additional 217 million are moderately to severely vision-impaired. Seventy-five percent of blindness and low-vision problems can be prevented or cured. The Seva Foundation has been working for 40 years to provide affordable access to proper eye care in poor and remote communities, internationally and on Native American reservations here in the U.S. Seva sends volunteer medical personnel into needy communities to perform cataract surgery and provide eye exams and other vision care. They also build local capacity by training and funding providers and modern facilities. Preserving or restoring sight allows those suffering from blindness to return to school, work and caring for family members. Seva has restored sight to four million people around the world.


Public Good PR drafts written materials critical to reaching the organization’s core audiences and implements ongoing media outreach to raise awareness of Seva Foundation’s work. We secured broad earned media coverage of the March 2017 Sing Out for Sight concert on Maui, in which musical luminaries Jackson Browne, Joan Baez and Krishna Das and cultural icon Wavy Gravy celebrated Seva co-founder Ram Dass and raised money and awareness for Seva’s work. We provided visibility for the 2017 annual Yoga for Sight international fundraising campaign. And we garnered local and national attention for young teen runner Nikolas Toocheck, who ran marathons in all 50 states in support of Seva’s pediatric eyecare efforts. These and other communications campaigns keep the Seva Foundation in the public eye.