Advancing Home Energy and Water Efficiency: HERO Financing Program

Since 2008, residential HERO Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing has been available to communities throughout California; in 2016, it expanded to Missouri and in 2017, to Florida. Renovate America is the largest and most successful residential PACE provider in the nation. By the end of 2017, the program had created more than twenty thousand jobs and funded almost $2.8 billion in energy and water efficiency projects.


Public Good PR implemented media outreach to educate the public and policy leaders about Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), which allows homeowners to pay for energy- and water-efficiency improvements over time through their property taxes. We publicized the launch of the HERO PACE Program in communities throughout California, Missouri and Florida, generating feature articles, TV stories and homeowner features in mainstream and trade outlets. We placed numerous op-eds in support of key legislation and other policy initiatives related to the PACE model. In our media outreach efforts on behalf of HERO, we worked with local elected officials to educate contractors and homeowners about the many benefits the program offers, including generating job growth and reducing demand for water and energy.