Advocating for a Fracking Moratorium

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, forces large amounts of water into deep layers of rock to extract oil and natural gas. Fracking contaminates our air, land and water, resulting in devastating impacts on human health and the environment. During this time of severe drought, several California aquifers were recently rendered unusable due to fracking wastewater contamination. Californians continue to fight for a moratorium on this harmful practice in cities and counties as well as at the state level.


Working in partnership with Sierra Club California, Public Good PR helped to coordinate a coalition of conservation and community groups to advocate for a statewide fracking moratorium in California. The effort received significant media coverage and helped to educate Californians about the many health and safety risks associated with fracking.

In coordinating this effort, we helped to: secure placement of multiple Op-Eds and news articles; brief editorial boards; orchestrate letters to the editor campaigns; and coordinate social media activity throughout the coalition. Although a statewide fracking moratorium didn’t pass the California Legislature in 2014, this effort framed the discussion for the anti-fracking movement going forward.