Defeating a Damaging Ballot Measure

Defeating Damaging Land-Use Ballot Measure: Supporting “No on B” Campaign in San Diego County

When proponents of the ill-conceived Lilac Hills Ranch development put approval of the project on the 2016 ballot, concerned citizens organized to launch the “No on B” campaign. Lilac Hills Ranch was a proposed development of 1,700 homes plus retail space that developers hoped to build land in Northern San Diego County zoned for agriculture. The project would have degraded the rural character of the area and cost taxpayers a billion dollars without making a dent in the region’s affordable housing shortage. Voters defeated the measure by 64%.


Public Good PR worked with community group Save Our San Diego Countryside to develop a media outreach strategy for reaching voters in San Diego County. The goal was to defeat the deep-pocketed developers behind the “Yes on B” campaign. Our approach blanketed the county with earned media coverage over the months leading up to the election: in print, online, and on TV and radio outlets. We used a combination of news stories and opinion pieces to cut through the developer’s paid propaganda and clearly illuminate the real issues for voters.