Extending Parkland, Protecting Local History and Wildlife Habitat

Reb Barn
Image: Paige Green

Scott Ranch, a 58-acre parcel of land in Petaluma, Calif., known for its open meadows and iconic red barns, was owned by a developer and slated for intensive suburban development. The Kelly Creek Protection Project, a community group and project of the Earth Island Institute, negotiated with the developer to sell back most of the ranchland and significantly scale back the planned number of homes and footprint of the housing development, in line with community wishes to preserve this historical and ecologically important property. More than three-quarters of the property will ultimately be transferred to the county, to become an extension of a much-loved regional park. The final approved plan for the property will enhance habitat for the threatened California red-legged frog and other native plants and wildlife and will reduce wildfire risk for surrounding neighborhoods 


Public Good PR worked with the Kelly Creek Protection Project for five years, helping to educate the community and City decision-makers about the benefits of their proposed compromise plan. We developed messaging, built a website about the project, produced a regular e-newsletter, garnered positive media coverage, and provided strategic advice for securing approval for the plan. 


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Petaluma Argus Courier