Supporting Water Sharing in the Klamath Basin

Farmers and ranchers, Native American Tribes and conservationists have battled over how to allocate the Klamath Basin’s limited water supplies for more than a century. After devastating drought in 2001-2002 brought clashes between farmers and Tribes (and other wildlife advocates) to new heights, a broad coalition of more than 40 stakeholders negotiated the terms of three companion Klamath Agreements. These Agreements called for significant environmental restoration, the removal of four hydroelectric dams from the Klamath River and a water sharing plan that would have established allocation priorities for all Basin stakeholders. Although Congress did not pass legislation to implement the Agreements in full, the four Klamath River dams are slated for removal in 2020.


Public Good PR supported a coalition of more than 40 stakeholder groups — including ranchers and farmers, Tribes, commercial fishermen, conservationists and government agencies — to promote dam removal and the equitable sharing of water. We provided strategic communications advice, drafted print and media outreach materials and fostered effective communication among coalition members.