Helping a Community Foundation Celebrate Local Philanthropy

Benton County Philanthropy

Photo: Jodi B Herrling Photography

The Benton Community Foundation, a community foundation in Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley, gives Philanthropic Achievement Awards every year on National Philanthropy Day to celebrate local philanthropists and to inspire charitable efforts in the community. The awards recognize volunteers, fundraisers, donors, businesses, and community groups, and as such, they help tell the story of what makes this community a vibrant place to live and work. The message of these awards is that philanthropy is available to everyone, not just wealthy donors, and that everyone can contribute to their community in substantial and diverse ways.


Public Good PR worked with the Benton Community Foundation to publicize the awards event beginning its inaugural year. We consulted on branding, planning and public outreach and generated front-page media coverage of the event and the award recipients. The second annual event was conducted virtually to accommodate pandemic restrictions. Public Good PR worked with the Foundation to make sure the virtual event was well-attended and received local coverage in the media.