Promoting Bird Habitat Conservation in the Central Valley

7 baby ducks sitting on a log on the water
The Central Valley of California hosts one of the largest concentrations of migratory birds in the world; more than 100 million birds representing 400 species use the valley annually. Much of the Central Valley’s natural habitat has been converted over the last 200 years to agriculture and urban development, and climate change has further reduced available water in the region. The Central Valley Joint Venture (CVJV), a coalition of 19 public and private organizations, is doing essential work to preserve birds and their habitats in the Central Valley. This work also provides significant benefits to communities, including flood protection, increased access to recreation, and groundwater replenishment.


Public Good PR edited and coordinated the design of the CVJV’s ten-year Implementation Plan, producing a cohesive, readable, visually appealing document that is useful for biologists, land managers, and policymakers. We then drafted fact sheets and other materials and conducted media outreach to help the CVJV and its member organizations reach their multiple target audiences.


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